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Participating in research is an excellent way for children to contribute to the future. Research is important because it helps us to find the best ways to help children live a successful life. When your child participates in research, he or she will:

Experience the scientific process first hand

Learning is an active experience. When your child comes the the CAT Lab, he or she will have the opportunity to see how science is carried out on an everyday basis. The chance to participate in science outside the classroom is a unique experience that many children find memorable and rewarding.

Play a role in understanding child development

Children develop differently and sometimes these differences may lead to different social habits. Through research, we ask questions that allow us to understand social development and to find ways to help children lead successful lives.

Provide students at PSU with training opportunities

A primary goal of the CAT Lab is to educate our students about good developmental research. Your child may participate in a study that is a part of an undergraduate student's thesis or a Ph.D. student's body of research. By training the next generation of developmental scientists, we ensure that issues related to development continue to be studied and that ways to help children succeed continue to be considered. 

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