Lab managers and technologists


Briana Ermanni

Briana graduated from Michigan State University in 2017 with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Bioethics. As an undergrad, she was a research assistant in Dr. Emily Durbin's Child Emotions Lab and primarily worked on the Michigan Longitudinal Study. Currently, she works as a Lab Manager in the CAT Lab coordinating the iTRAC study and hopes to continue her education eventually onto the doctoral level in developmental psychology.

Kelly Metcalf

Kelly received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minors in Sociology, Biology and Deafness and Hearing Loss Studies from The Pennsylvania State University. While in undergraduate school, she was a research assistant in Douglas Teti’s Lab on the SIESTA project and in this lab. Kelly's interests focus on development with technology and stress development across an individuals lifetime. 

Norbert Promagan

Norbert graduated from Brown University in 2015 with an Sc.B. with honors in Cognitive Neuroscience with a focus on child development. During his time at Brown, Norbert worked in the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, where he eventually completed his honors thesis studying visual attention and learning in infants. Norbert currently coordinates the LANTS project and assists with data collection on multiple other projects in the CAT Lab.