CAT Lab Researcher Awarded Competitive T32 Fellowship


Congratulations to CAT Lab researcher Leigha MacNeill who accepted a competitive T32 postdoctoral fellowship with the Carolina Consortium on Human Development at UNC Chapel Hill

Leigha is currently a sixth year student in the developmental psychology program at Penn State, studying how the family environment contributes to children's developing emotion regulation and attentional control. After graduating in August 2019, Leigha will begin her fellowship designed to expand her training in longitudinal analyses and neuroscience methods for examining these processes. She will work with Dr. Cathi Propper and Dr. Dan Bauer to study how poverty during infancy influences the development of self-regulation during early childhood though different family experiences (i.e., caregiver distress and relationships, disrupted parent-child relationships). Additionally, she will examine how changes in children's underlying biology (i.e., brain structure and function) as well as child temperament and maternal executive function influence developing self-regulation.