CAT Lab Researcher Awarded Translational Research Training Grant


Congratulations to Elizabeth Youatt who received a CTSI TL1 Translational Research Training Award through the  Penn State Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI).

Elizabeth is a first-year student in the developmental psychology program. She is interested in biological mechanisms and physiological correlates of temperament and self-regulation. Particularly, she conducts interdisciplinary and translational work with human infants and children, as well as animal models, examining multisystem biological functioning in behavioral inhibition and it's implications for developmental outcomes and individual health.

This training award will provide Elizabeth with funding to examine systemic differences between behaviorally inhibited (BI) and non-BI individuals across species. She will focus on genetic, neurological, and cardiovascular components to investigate a developmentally-oriented model of stress physiology to prepare her for continued translational work.